Certified HVAC/R Technician

The Certified HVAC/R Technician program takes everything students have learned from the first 8 courses in the HVAC Install Tech and Certificated HVAC blocks, and adds the final crucial topic to give NTI graduates an extra edge: Commercial Refrigeration.


Topics Include:

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

  • Ice Machines
  • Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Reach-in Coolers
  • Cascade Systems
  • Sizing and Heat Load Calculation

Components of a Commercial Refrigeration System

  • TEV and AEV’s
  • Defrost Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Piping Components & Considerations
  • Refrigerant Types

Troubleshooting Commercial Refrigeration Systems

  • Lab Troubleshooting Practice
  • Superheat and Sub-cooling Measurements
  • Charging a Refrigeration System


Tuition for the entire program, including proprietary on-the-job reference guides and NTI’s Toolkit:

Fusion Training: $6,895.00
100% On-Campus: $9,170.00