Paralegal Studies

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Navigating the world of legal processes requires a unique skill set, and the demand for qualified paralegals is growing every year. With our Certificate of Completion in Paralegal, you have the chance to embark on a rewarding career in the legal field. Our comprehensive program equips students with the tools they need to excel in an entry-level position and set the foundation for future growth.

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Why choose NTI?

1 In-Demand Job Opportunities

Phoenix, AZ, with its growing population and economic development, has seen a rise in legal service employment growth. Training locally in Phoenix provides students with networking opportunities, an understanding of local legal nuances, and better placement prospects.

2 Get to Work Faster

At just 15 weeks, our program offers an intensive yet concise learning path so you can start your career without delay. Hybrid learning and evening course options allow you to pursue your paralegal certificate while still working in your current role.

3 Practical Skills for Real Jobs

Drawing from years of experience, our curriculum covers all the fundamental areas of legal studies and practicum to prepare students for real-world scenarios.


Kerstin LeMaire

Course Instructor  |  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge

Teaching this paralegal course is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the legal bench and the dedicated professionals who support our justice system.

Career Opportunities After Completion

With the NTI Certificate of Completion in Paralegal, you’ll be qualified for entry-level positions such as:


Working directly for a corporation to perform due diligence drafting of various legal documents like articles of merger and dissolution, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, promissory notes, leases, etc.

In-House Firm

Working in an in-house legal department for a title insurance or real estate company.


Working in the contracts department of any business or school.

Public Sector

Working for an elected government official during their term of office, including judges, members of the legislature, the secretary of state, country treasurer, public administrator, recorder, or a governor; and Working for a local or federal candidate during an election campaign.

Medical & Insurance

Working for insurance companies, medical companies, or hospitals as a nursing paralegal (these are typically nurses who become paralegals and have prior medical knowledge).

Non-Governmental Organizations

Working for non-governmental organizations governed by regulations, like the Red Cross, or organizations set up to assist immigrants, refugees, or prison inmates.

I had an exceptional learning experience in the Paralegal Course.

I joined the course because I wanted a career change. And any nervousness I had about switching careers was whisked away on Day 1. The curriculum prepared me well for my transition into the legal field and I am grateful for all of the tools I was given as well. Learning from actual lawyers and paralegals working in the field was incredibly valuable. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of what it takes to be a paralegal, I gained real-life knowledge about what it is like to work in the legal field. After completing the course, I was able to obtain a great job as a paralegal in a litigation law firm with only 15 weeks of starting the course. I could not have asked for a better introduction into the legal world.

-Mallory Leake