Seminars & Short Course Certifications

National Technical Institute works closely with employers and apartment complexes throughout Nevada to create highly-targeted courses to meet the needs of any size facility or complex.

NTI’s seminars and short courses are usually one or two days in length, are cost-effective, and teach students exactly what’s needed to get the job done.

Basic HVAC For Apartments

This 6-hour course covers the fundamentals of how an air conditioning system works, as well as basic troubleshooting of all the parts involved.

It is a two part class: the first part is in a classroom lecture setting, and the second part in the lab actually troubleshooting non-working A/C units. This class does not cover any detailed refrigerant servicing.

Cost: $60.00

Advanced HVAC For Apartments

This 8-hour course covers knowing how to properly charge a system, the workings of the different coils, the refrigerant, and details the Superheat method of charging as well as how to use a Pressure Temperature chart.

Like the Basic HVAC For Apartments course, the Advanced HVAC  for Apartments course is in two parts: classroom setting and hands on lab component.

Cost: $100.00

Basic Electrical For Apartments

Basic Electrical is a 6-hour course that covers where electricity comes from and how it is distributed throughout the apartments. It also covers safety protocols and tool use. It highlights proper meter usage, and how to troubleshoot the basic electrical system including 3-way switches.

This course is delivered in two parts: part one in the classroom, and part two as a hands-on lab component.

Cost: $60.00

HVAC Electrical for Apartments

This 4-hour course is designed to introduce the student to what is encountered in a typical multi-family HVACs electrical control components. We will cover how to read electrical diagrams and use them to troubleshoot the system.

This is a classroom course with a hands on lab component.

Cost: $60.00

Basic Plumbing For Apartments

Basic Plumbing For Apartments is a 4-hour course that covers the basic plumbing system of an apartment, and how to trouble shoot the different aspects of it.

This plumbing course also covers water heaters, safety issues, and proper tool usage.

Course content is delivered in two parts: classroom lecture and hands-on lab.

Cost: $60.00

Basic Laundry Appliance

This is a 4-hour course that teaches all the aspects of laundry appliances in the typical apartment complex. It covers proper safety steps, all the parts, wiring and troubleshooting guides and how to use them to repair and service the appliances.

The appliances covered are side by side and stackable washers and dryers, both gas and electric. During the lab component, students work on the actual appliances covered during the lecture.

Cost: $60.00

Basic Kitchen Appliances

This a 4-hour class that covers all the kitchen appliances in a typical apartment. It covers proper safety steps to follow as well as proper tool usage.

This course also covers the troubleshooting guides and wiring diagrams that might be needed to properly service a kitchen appliance. The appliances covered are electric ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves.

It is a two-part class with an in the classroom setting, and a hands on troubleshooting lab section.

Cost: $60.00

Compressor Replacement

This 4-hour class covers the proper steps to replace a compressor.

It covers some reasons the compressor needs to be replaced, as well as the step by step process to complete the job; including EPA regulations, recovery, brazing, and wiring. The course also discusses various time saving methods

Cost: $60.00

Advanced Supervisor Training

This 8-hour class covers all the tasks and responsibilities of the Maintenance Supervisor position at an apartment complex. It covers day to day tasks, as well as weekly, monthly and longer-term needs and responsibilities.

Cost: $100.00