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Discover a fast-growing career with NTI’s HVAC technician training, offering affordable tuition and flexible class options. Graduate with advanced skills in just 2-4 months through on-campus or our unique Fusion Training Program. Take the leap towards a successful HVAC career today!

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Why choose NTI?

1 In-Demand Job Opportunities

Trades are in high demand, which means lots of job opportunities. By choosing NTI, you’ll be prepared for your HVAC career, giving you more job security and opportunities for advancement. Plus, you’ll be doing fulfilling work in an industry that matches your interests and passions.

2 Get to Work Faster

NTI will have you career-ready in two to four months! We offer a quicker path to getting hired if you’re eager to jump into your career or switch fields without spending years in school.

3 Practical Skills for Real Jobs

NTI focuses on hands-on training, teaching you the practical skills you need for your trade. Whether working with electricity, HVAC, or plumbing, you’ll learn what you need to succeed in the real world.

From Student to Successful HVAC Technician

A graduate of our HVAC program shares her success story in a powerful video testimonial, highlighting how our hands-on training and expert guidance launched her rewarding career as an HVAC technician.