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  • electrician inspecting power levels

    How to Become an Apprentice Electrician

    Training to become an electrician is one of the best career paths you can take. If you want a career that can be different every single day and challenge you, while providing ample opportunities to learn and experience new things, then you need to know how to become an apprentice electrician. Becoming an apprentice [...]

  • How to Help Customers Save Money on HVAC

    Helping your customers save money on running their HVAC might not seem like something that you can do directly, but as an HVAC technician, you can assist when it comes to reducing their bills for operating their HVAC systems. The average cost to run an HVAC unit will vary depending on the cost of [...]

  • Top plumbing skills

    How to Train For A Career As A Plumber

    Are you looking at training to become a plumber? Plumbing is an excellent career choice for those who love to work with their hands to solve problems. It is a profession that will always be in demand and is an excellent career choice for those who love to get stuck in and solve problems. [...]

  • Professional HVAC technician servicing a commercial building

    What Is A Green HVAC System?

    Green air conditioning broadly refers to HVACs that use less energy than a standard air conditioning system. Green HVACs can be referred to more specifically as using green energy as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Green energy is output from geothermal, wind, solar, biomass and landfill gas sources. Since the pandemic, an [...]

  • What To Expect When Starting An Electrical Technician Training Program

    Do you want to become an electrical technician? Then you’re going to need some formal training under your belt to help you realize your goals. Starting an electrical technician training program can help give you the skills you need to start your career and embark on a successful future. With the help of the [...]

  • hvac system being tested by a technician

    Mastering HVAC Compliances: A Technician’s Guide

    If there is one thing that matters to any HVAC technician, second to health and safety, it should be compliance. If you’re not compliant with HVAC regulations, it could potentially land you in legal hot water and exclude you from working in the industry in the future. Not only that, but you could be [...]

  • The Future of Electrical Technology: Exploring the Newest Trends

    While the role of the technician, in maintaining and fixing electrical equipment, might remain the same, the nature of the electrical technology that they work with is very likely to change over time. What’s more, is that the skills and expertise needed to do the job can change with those electrical trends, as well. [...]

  • Professional HVAC technician servicing a commercial building

    Mastering the Art of Customer Service in the HVAC Industry

    As with any business in which you sell your services to consumers, HVAC requires a degree of customer service. While your ability to meet customer needs, to provide the repairs, maintenance, and other vital work their HVAC systems require is paramount and is a service that customers have a real need for, it doesn’t [...]

  • plumbing technician wearing safety gloves and glasses

    10 Key Safety Practices for Plumbing Professionals

    In the plumbing industry, safety is always an important part of the job. In this blog, we will highlight the essential plumbing safety topics and practices that plumbing professionals must adhere to for the best results.  This content will cover the best safety practices, guidelines, and tools to ensure a secure working environment and [...]

  • wind turbines and solar panels against a blue sky backdrop

    Arizona’s Shift to Renewable Energy: Opportunities for Electricians

    In recent years, Arizona has been making huge strides in its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. The world's attention has turned towards renewable energy sources, and our ‘Grand Canyon State’ really has stepped up to the plate. We’ve recognized the urgency of addressing climate change and reducing our dependence on fossil [...]