Read about the impact that NTI students are having on the trade industry.

  • plumber kneeling and working on a bathroom vanity sink

    How Long Does it Take to Become a Plumber?

    A career in the trades has long been a reliable path to pursue, and it offers a range of different specialisms no matter your interest or talent focus. While plumbers are continuously in need, they also remain one of the most popular career paths for anyone in the field. This is because plumbers combine experience, [...]

  • electrician performing and inspection

    Top 8 Benefits of Becoming an Electrician

    Electrical work is routinely considered the most advanced of all the trade specialisms. This is because there are simply no shortcuts or opportunities for amateur implementation no matter the simplicity of an electrical task. While a homeowner or business owner may be able to paint, decorate, or even renovate without assistance, no one should commit [...]

  • Male in a hard hat smiling with extension cord over his shoulder.

    Electrical Technician Salary Overview

    An important part of determining what career you would like to choose is going to be the salary. Everyone wants to make as much money as possible, while still doing something that they enjoy, right? So, it’s important that you are looking into the average salary, as well as the factors that impact how [...]

  • Plumbing Technician

    Plumbing Technician Salary Overview

    If you are interested in moving your career trajectory in a new direction, you have a lot of options in the field of trades, specifically in plumbing. As a plumbing technician, you will learn the ins and outs of everything involved in the world of plumbing while working in a field that is always [...]

  • Safety Tips for Electrical Engineers

    Working with electricity takes expert training and knowledge. It’s important to always put safety above all else when working with something as dangerous as electricity. There is a great deal of danger an electrician can experience on any given day working in the field and there are many safety hazards to be aware of [...]

  • Enter the trades industry with NTI Training

    A Comprehensive Guide on How to Become an HVAC Project Manager

    The role of an HVAC project manager is multifaceted and crucial in the construction and engineering industries. HVAC project managers are responsible for overseeing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. HVAC project managers ensure the successful planning, execution, and completion of project plans.  This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of HVAC [...]

  • technician working on an air conditioning unit

    HVAC Technician Salary Overview

    The HVAC annual salary is one that can be influenced by various factors. This guide is going to walk you through exactly how much an HVAC technician's salary is, how much you can expect to be paid, and what will impact your learning abilities in the sector once you complete your HVAC Technician Training [...]

  • electrician inspecting power levels

    How to Become an Apprentice Electrician

    Training to become an electrician is one of the best career paths you can take. If you want a career that can be different every single day and challenge you, while providing ample opportunities to learn and experience new things, then you need to know how to become an apprentice electrician. Becoming an apprentice [...]

  • How to Help Customers Save Money on HVAC

    Helping your customers save money on running their HVAC might not seem like something that you can do directly, but as an HVAC technician, you can assist when it comes to reducing their bills for operating their HVAC systems. The average cost to run an HVAC unit will vary depending on the cost of [...]

  • Top plumbing skills

    How to Train For A Career As A Plumber

    Are you looking at training to become a plumber? Plumbing is an excellent career choice for those who love to work with their hands to solve problems. It is a profession that will always be in demand and is an excellent career choice for those who love to get stuck in and solve problems. [...]