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Elevate your career with NTI’s comprehensive training programs in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Gain the expertise and tools needed to excel in these fast-growing industries through affordable tuition, flexible scheduling, and hands-on experience. Whether it’s our unique Fusion Training Program for HVAC, the intensive electrician course, or the plumber course led by industry professionals, NTI prepares you for success in high-demand fields. Choose between on-campus or online learning and transform your passion for hands-on work into a thriving technical career. Request more information and take the first step towards a brighter future today!

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NTI Electrician

Continuing Education

Commercial Refrigeration

We are now offering a Commercial Refrigeration certification to currently licensed HVAC technicians. This program spans 8 weeks, and covers topics such as evaporators, compressors, walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and more. These key topics will enhance your knowledge base significantly so you remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry.

At this time, we are only offering this program at our Phoenix campus.



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