NTI Training Program

Electrical Technician Training Program

Even if you don’t have any electrical or maintenance experience, in just 3 months at NTI school for electrical training you can be job-ready as an electrician!

Entry Level Electrical Technician Training

Learn the Skills to Become an Electrician with NTI’s Flexible Course

NTI’s electrical technician training course teaches students to learn and perform the electrical installation and service needs for residential and light commercial settings and to follow all electrical code requirements. Instruction is presented in NTI’s high-tech classroom and industry-standard practice labs. Safety is always a priority and is taught throughout the entire electrical technician program.

Our Electrical Course is designed to fit your life, with weekend, weekday, morning, Mid-Day, or evening schedules available. Moreover, NTI offers a unique Fusion Training Program that allows students to learn online and hone their skills one day a week in our Electrician Labs. Contact admissions now to learn more.

Why Enroll In an Electrical Technician Program?

The demand for both commercial and residential electrical services is substantial. Each year, tens of thousands of new electrician positions become available, offering hourly wages ranging from $15.00 to $32.00. What’s even more promising is the anticipated 10% growth in demand for skilled and certified electricians over the upcoming decade. This translates to enhanced stability and presents enhanced prospects for advancing both your professional journey and your earnings.

Electrical Technician Careers Available

Becoming an electrician can provide you with a wide range of opportunities. Those who complete National Technical Institute’s training program join a pool of candidates well-prepared with the expertise, abilities, and practical experience sought by employers looking to recruit skilled electrician technicians. The skills acquired through our electrical technician training program will provide you the opportunity to pursue a career in the electrical field. A few career paths possible are:

  • Residential Electrician
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Lineman
  • Service Technician
  • And more

About Our Electrical Technician Program

Break into the Industry

The focus of NTI’s electrician training course is to teach the basics of the electrical industry and the best way to break into the industry as an entry-level technician with an understanding of careers, safety, electrical mathematics, theory, tools, wiring, and the landscape of electricity and how it fits into the “green” technology of today’s changing world.

Hands-On Electrician Training

Our goal at NTI is to teach in a very hands-on, friendly atmosphere. Our Entry Level Electrical Technicians students are expected to spend the majority of their training in NTI’s state-of-the-art electrical lab, where they will learn hands-on, practical education that will benefit them greatly in the electrical field. Students will participate in different courses with specific objectives and outcomes throughout the program.

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