Contractors & Partnering with NTI

NTI regularly partners with contractors and businesses to fulfill their hiring and training needs for their growing companies. Our philosophy of providing students the hands-on training employers seek allows our partners the confidence to hire revenue generators immediately in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical job market.

What We Offer

Our partners allow us to form a mutual relationship dedicated to providing our students with the best opportunities to begin and grow their careers upon graduation with trusted experts and established businesses. In turn, our relationship means that our partners have complete confidence in their access to a talent pool based on our training methodology and values.

Read on to learn more about what we offer and how to partner with NTI.

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Employee / Employer Matching

We match students with suitable contractors based on their unique skills. This evaluation includes creating benchmarks from your top performers, ensuring informed candidate selection for our graduating students.

Hiring & Training

In our endeavor to facilitate optimal hiring and training practices, NTI is committed to offering specialized programs that delve into deeper knowledge areas. By expanding our curriculum to include these in-depth educational offerings, we aim to equip our students with comprehensive expertise and enhance their preparedness for the industry.

Continuing Education

NTI extends our training to partnered contractor employees. These courses are valuable resources for your employees to enhance their knowledge and update them with industry advancements. Your employees can refine their skills, reinforce their expertise, and remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry. We are dedicated to supporting the ongoing growth and success of our graduates and the contractor community.

Name Promotion

NTI offers partnered contractors the opportunity to boost their brand visibility. We promote your name and presence inside our classrooms, on our website, and through our hiring board. This collaboration enhances recruitment efforts while providing our graduates with valuable career opportunities.


The Power of

There are no better ambassadors for NTI than our partners. Hear from just a few of our trusted contractors about why they are happy they trusted NTI with their trade partnership.

Contractor Testimonial: Hobaica Services
Contractor Testimonial: Goettl
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Partnering with NTI

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