Read about the impact that NTI students are having on the trade industry.

  • Top plumbing skills

    Top Skills to Have as a Plumbing Technician

    Plumbing is a highly skilled trade that requires an extensive knowledge base as well as a strong mix of tangible and intangible qualities to be successful. If you are serious about your career and providing a service at a consistently high level, read on to learn more about the top skills that will help you [...]

  • NTI class in session

    NTI on 3 News Las Vegas

    National Technical Institute instructor Ty Branaman was recently interviewed in a segment on NBC’s affiliate channel 3 Las Vegas! This feature story covered how hands-on trade school programs like NTI’s HVAC/R courses can help students get a good job and save them from a lifetime of student loan debt. Ty explains how, “You can [...]

  • Male in a hard hat smiling with extension cord over his shoulder.

    How to Become an Electrician: Training & Certifications

    There are many benefits to joining the electrical industry, such as job security and comfortable pay. It may be difficult to know exactly where to start, however. That is where NTI comes in. Why Become An Electrician? Before diving into how to become an electrical technician, it’s worth considering why. It offers a wealth of benefits, each [...]

  • Plumbing Technician

    Your Guide to Becoming a Plumbing Technician

    Gaining expertise in a trade like plumbing might open doors to lucrative employment opportunities. There will always be a need for plumbers, as everyone will require their services at some point to ensure the smooth operation of their home or business. And, an aspiring plumber couldn’t have picked a more favorable time to start thinking [...]