Veteran Education Benefits

Get ready to level up with Veteran Education Benefits and seize your opportunities at the National Technical Institute.

*Currently not available in Texas, check back in 2024

Transform Your Service into Skilled Trades Excellence

By enrolling at NTI, you’ll not only be equipping yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field but also joining a supportive community dedicated to your success.

Want to Know How Veteran Education Benefits Can Help?

Seize the opportunity to harness your Veteran Education Benefits or Vocational Rehab benefits, paving your way towards a career transformation at NTI. Our exclusive 12-week program awaits, providing you with a direct route to becoming a certified HVAC, plumbing, or electrical technician, armed with the skills that today’s dynamic workforce craves.

Why Choose NTI?

Unlike online courses, this specialized program ensures hands-on, immersive learning experiences that enable you to step into the thriving world of highly skilled trade technicians. Embrace a future where your expertise is in high demand, giving you the power to shape industries and impact communities.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

When you become a part of the NTI family, you’re not just gaining skills – you’re embracing a supportive community dedicated to your triumph. Our commitment to your success goes beyond the classroom, ensuring you have the guidance and resources needed to thrive in your chosen field. Don’t miss out on the chance to leverage your military service benefits and swiftly embark on a rewarding journey of growth, achievement, and meaningful contributions. Your new chapter starts here, at NTI!


Hear what our

Veterans say

There are no better ambassadors for NTI than our alumni. Hear what a few of our graduates have to say about why they are happy they trusted NTI with their trade education.

Embracing Our Veterans: The Path to Trade Excellence Awaits with Veteran Education Benefits

To all our Veterans,

Your service to our country is unmatched and forever appreciated. As you transition and seek to harness new skills, the Veteran Education Benefits stands as a testament to your determination and the nation’s commitment to your bright future. At the National Technical Institute (NTI), we’re honored to be a chosen pathway for many veterans like yourself, venturing into HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical careers. Leveraging the Veteran Education Benefits doesn’t just provide you with essential tools and knowledge; it also ushers you into a supportive community that recognizes your past sacrifices and is dedicated to your future achievements.

Every veteran who steps into NTI, seizing the opportunities offered by the Veteran Education Benefits, is a powerful reminder of resilience, adaptability, and growth. As you merge military discipline with the intricacies of skilled trades, we see the future leaders and experts of the industry taking form. We stand proud and grateful for your journey from serving our nation on the front lines to leading the way in trade excellence. Thank you for choosing NTI as a chapter in your remarkable journey.

Get Started with NTI

We are here to answer your questions about NTI and the path for your career as an HVAC technician, electrician, plumber, or paralegal. Our team is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision about your future. Whether you’re just starting to explore your options or you’re ready to take the next step, we can help. Connect with us today to learn more and get started on the application process.