Las Vegas Electrical Technician Training Program

Experience NTI’s Electrical Technician Training Programs tailored specifically to the Las Vegas area. Our Electrical Technician training program is adapted to the unique Las Vegas market and growing field.

Las Vegas Electrical Technicians

NTI offers courses that teach you all the skills needed to become an Electrical Technician here in Las Vegas. By applying hands-on courses to help learn, NTI is able to provide you with all the resources you need to obtain the skills needed for your prospective employers.

We offer three and 4-month programs to suit Las Vegas’ pace, with options for weekend or weekday schedules, and morning or evening classes to accommodate our city’s round-the-clock schedule.

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Why Train to Be an Electrician?

The electrical technician field is currently a booming profession, especially in Las Vegas. With Las Vegas’s growing population and construction industry, the job openings are expected to grow by over 26% in Nevada, and 7% nationwide in the next decade. With this continued growth in the electrical technician industry, you will not only go into a job market with demand, but there is an increased chance for growth and advancement.

Real-World Vegas Electrical Technician Training

The need for Electrical Technicians is continuing to grow, especially in an expanding city such as Las Vegas. As growth continues and construction continues to be of importance in Las Vegas, Electrical Technicians are more in demand than ever. NTI’s training ensures that you are ready to not only enter the job market in Las Vegas, but to grow into your new role.

Our Electrical Technician Training Program teaches students the knowledge and skills necessary to start a career as an Electrical Technician. This knowledge and skills include: How to use electrical equipment, general principles of motor control, identifying electrical issues, reading and interpreting building plans and blueprints, and more

Career Opportunities in Las Vegas

After you finish your training here at NTI, you will join an elite group of candidates that employers will be looking for. By completing our Electrical Technician program, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of different companies in the Las Vegas area.

Benefits of Electrical Technician Training Programs

Las Vegas beams with electrical opportunities, but the scope is national. NTI offers a clear conduit to electrify your career, be it in Las Vegas or beyond. Plug into our expertise and light up your professional journey!

Electrical Technician Job Market

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the prospects for electrical technicians are positively charged. While the average U.S. job growth remains around 11%, electrical technicians can expect a robust increase of about 23% from 2012 to 2022. This spike is driven by continuous infrastructural development and the increasing demand for renewable energy solutions.

High Earning Potential

An electrical technician’s career in Phoenix is not just about circuits and wires; it’s an avenue to a promising financial future. For experienced technicians, this can surge to around $56,000 or more, with the top echelon in the industry seeing figures surpassing $95,000 annually.

Job Security

In an era powered by electricity, job stability for electrical technicians is a given. Modern construction, technological innovations, and an increasing emphasis on green energy solutions ensure that electrical skills remain in high demand, making the profession both rewarding and resilient.

Why Las Vegas?

A fast-paced, ever-growing-and-evolving landscape offers an unparalleled opportunity for prospective plumbers to enter an exciting job market upon graduating from our Las Vegas program. Our technician training program will provide all the necessary information and practical exercise to support professionals in their day one success in their new roles.

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