Las Vegas Plumbing Training Program

NTI’s plumbing training program offers a best-in-class program in Las Vegas to fast-track a successful career in the industry through a contractor driven curriculum.

Las Vegas Plumbing Technicians

Plumbing technicians and plumbers are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing water and waste pipelines across the country. Their expertise varies, with some specializing in areas like pipefitting for chemical, acid, and gas transport in industrial settings.

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Career Opportunities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been growing in population at rates of over 2% per year for the last three years with no slow down in sight. As the city continues to grow, plumbers will have a wealth of job opportunities for both existing home repairs and new community and development plumbing needs. It is a great time to enter the workforce for plumbers looking to base their career in Las Vegas.

Learn Plumbing in Las Vegas on Your Schedule

We understand that prospective students looking for a path to learning a new skill need flexibility to learn on their time – especially in Las Vegas. Additionally, NTI offers a totally unique Fusion Training Program that allows students to learn online, then hone their skills one day a week in one of our plumbing labs.

In just 16 weeks, depending on program selection, we offer students a varied program that guides them through the process of becoming a plumbing technician. Our training in Las Vegas will cover subjects such as plumbing fundamentals, mathematics, blueprint reading, waste systems, water supply systems, finish and advanced plumbing. We also aim to create leaders in the field by focusing on professional development and job placement skills.

Benefits of Plumbing Technician Training Programs

With the NTI Certificate of Completion in Plumbing, you’ll be exposed to a number of benefits, including:

Plumbers Job Market

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for plumbers is better than that for nearly all other professions. The growth rate for all occupations in the U.S. is steady at 11%, but from 2012 to 2022, job growth for plumbers is expected to rise by 21%, nearly double the national average. Analysts believe this extraordinary rate is from the booming construction industry and because new standards for water efficiency are being implemented in cities across the country.

High Earning Potential

A plumbing career pays quite well and is a great occupation, with the annual salary for licensed plumbers averaging $49,140. In addition, the top 10 percent of plumbers in the U.S. earned more than $84,440 annually.

Job Security

Plumbing offers a secure job, as plumbing services will always be in demand. Plumbing technicians are not at risk of losing their jobs to machines, and plumbing jobs are skilled labor which cannot be outsourced for cheaper overseas options. Throughout the United States, plumbers can find job opportunities as plumbing is essential to ensure the safe delivery of water in both residential and commercial plumbing applications.

In addition to sustained growth in Las Vegas, skilled technicians are in high demand across the nation as plumbing regulations become more stringent. Trained plumbing professionals are essential to the compliance of these code enforcement. NTI can provide you a flexible, fast-tracked path to starting an exciting career as a plumbing technician in Las Vegas, or across the country. Get in touch with our team to learn more and begin your journey!

Why Las Vegas?

A fast-paced, ever-growing-and-evolving landscape offers an unparalleled opportunity for prospective plumbers to enter an exciting job market upon graduating from our Las Vegas program. Our technician training program will provide all the necessary information and practical exercise to support professionals in their day one success in their new roles.

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