Phoenix HVAC Technician Training Program

Anchored by a curriculum designed and led by seasoned veterans in the field, NTI’s HVAC technician training program delivers a premier course in Phoenix, laying the foundation for a flourishing career in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sectors.

HVAC Servicing in Phoenix

HVAC technicians are adept at installing, upstaring, and repairing HVAC systems, ensuring interiors remain cool during scorching summers and cozy in the cooler months. This is especially important with the level of maintained heat that Phoenix receives during the summer. While some master intricate climate solutions for bustling businesses, others focus on refining the ambiance of residential spaces.

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Master HVAC Techniques in Phoenix on Your Terms

At NTI, we understand the unique pace of modern learners and reflect that with a curriculum that resonates with Phoenix’s vibrant tempo. Our signature Fusion Training Program blends comprehensive online instruction with weekly practical workshops in our cutting-edge HVAC facilities.

Choose from our 16-week intensive modules that navigate through HVAC essentials, innovative system designs, diligent equipment upkeep, energy conservation principles, and the latest in climate control technology. Our vision extends beyond crafting skilled technicians; we aim to sculpt industry trailblazers, focusing on continual growth and preparedness.

Career Opportunities in Phoenix

Phoenix’s extreme temperatures emphasize the indispensable role of HVAC technicians. With the city’s skyline ever-evolving and new establishments dotting the horizon, there’s a continuous call for technicians equipped to provide all-season comfort. The prospects are heating up for those charting a career path in Phoenix’s HVAC scene.

Benefits of HVAC Technician Training Programs

Phoenix is a hotspot for HVAC opportunities, yet the demand stretches nationwide. NTI provides a streamlined avenue to kickstart a rewarding HVAC journey, whether you’re eyeing Phoenix or broadening your horizons.

HVAC Technician Job Market

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) paints a promising picture for HVAC professionals. While the general U.S. employment growth rate is estimated at 11%, HVAC experts can anticipate a robust growth of approximately 22% from 2012 to 2022. This optimistic outlook is propelled by surging construction activities and the nation’s pivot towards eco-friendly HVAC solutions.

High Earning Potential

An HVAC profession in Phoenix is not only about mastering the elements; it’s a gateway to a lucrative career. Seasoned HVAC specialists might see earnings approach or exceed $54,000, while the elite top 10% in the sector can command salaries beyond $92,000 yearly.

Job Security

HVAC offers unparalleled job stability in a city where temperature control is paramount. As architectural trends evolve and the quest for optimal indoor climates persists, HVAC technicians remain invaluable. Their expertise transforms every structure into comfortable sanctuaries, from cozy homes to towering skyscrapers.

Why Phoenix?

Phoenix’s rapid urban expansion offers a fertile ground for aspiring HVAC technicians. Securing a certification from our program equips you not only with technical prowess but also positions you at the forefront of a thriving Phoenix HVAC marketplace, ready to address diverse challenges.

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Newest Program
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Continuing Education

Commercial Refrigeration

We are now offering a Commercial Refrigeration certification to currently licensed HVAC technicians. This program spans 8 weeks, and covers topics such as evaporators, compressors, walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and more. These key topics will enhance your knowledge base significantly so you remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry.

At this time, we are only offering this program at our Phoenix campus.

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