As an electrician or professional technician, you will be working with HVAC systems on a frequent basis. After all, 90% of U.S. homes now have a residential HVAC system, while the vast majority of businesses have a commercial HVAC system. 

Whether it’s completing new installations or repairing existing units, it’s imperative that you are familiar with the top HVAC systems on the market. HVAC systems are evolving rapidly, and one of the factors driving this evolution is the increasing adoption of solar energy by customers. When equipped with the necessary knowledge, you will be better positioned to answer their questions and make informed recommendations. 

Here’s all you need to know about the best residential and commercial HVAC system options currently available. 

Top Residential HVAC Systems

As a HVAC technician working with residential units, it’s increasingly likely that new installations will focus on harvesting solar power into electricity to run the system. This could be an exclusively renewable system or a hybrid solution. Here are three residential HVAC systems you need to know:

Event Horizon ACDC12C

For over two decades, Event Horizon has been at the heart of solar air conditioning. Its ACDC12C residential HVAC system is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. Working in conjunction with 750W PC panels, the hybrid unit can be used for on-grid or off-grid use – although batteries and charge controllers are needed for the latter. 

The ACDC12C solar air conditioning and heat pump is a versatile unit. This unit should only be used for residential use, as commercial buildings use more energy. Knowing how to add a refrigerant will be a key responsibility for any technician looking to complete an installation.

Trane XV20i TruComfort Air Conditioner

Trane is one of the biggest and best names in the residential HVAC system arena. Trane is synonymous with durability and high-quality performance. Its XV20i TruComfort utilizes cutting-edge ComfortLink II HVAC technologies that allow users to control the temperature in individual rooms, ensuring optimal comfort for all the family.

Variable speeds, variable fan stages, and an efficiency rating of up to 21.5, th SEER2 cements its place as one of the best residential HVAC models. As a technician, you can let customers know that the system delivers an average energy saving of 55%. Not only is this great for their pocket, it is also great for the planet.

Ruud Ultra UA20 

Ruud is a subsidiary of Rheem and offers three fantastic residential HVAC system lines in the Ultra, Achiever, and Value. Its Ultra UA20 variable speed air conditioners stand out due to its Plus One features. They include a system performance of up to 20 SEER, expanded valve spaces, and its 15″ wide, industry-leading corner service access.

The Ruud Ultra UA20 is a popular choice for homeowner who are looking for a nice-looking unit. With 35% fewer cabinet fasteners and a powder-coat finish, this unit is not only stylish, but also offers the EcoNet Smart Home System user-optimized control.

Top Commercial HVAC Systems

A commercial HVAC system will operate with the same fundamental goals as a residential unit while businesses also demand solar tech. However, the demands are far greater due to the increased size of commercial properties and energy consumption levels. The best options for commercial HVAC systems are:

Lennox Enlight

Lennox is one of the oldest companies in the industry and has produced HVAC units since the 1950s. Its Enlight and Xion product lines are particularly popular as commercial rooftop solutions. The exceptional efficiency and sustainable design of the Enlight model minimizes environmental impact. 

Other features include the Environ Coil System, which uses 52% less refrigerant and is 59% lighter than traditional coil systems. This unit has an energy-efficiency rating of up to 17.8 SEER. The range includes 3-25 ton gas-electric and electric-electric models. 

York Rooftop HVAC System

York’s commercial HVAC systems have been used for decades across a wide range of industries including healthcare, education, offices, data centers, and more. As well as featuring optional thermostat control systems and filter monitor indicators, the York solutions are available in many different sizes.

Thanks to increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption, it is an ideal choice for many commercial properties. Installations can be made without disrupting the use, which is another major selling point for technicians and clients alike.

Gree GMV5 

The Gree GMV5 is the fifth-gen commercial HVAC system from the American manufacturer. Its precise cooling and heating is supported by a compact design and excellent efficiency to help save money and reduce carbon emissions. Of the light commercial systems, the Solar GMV model is the most sought solution by modern business owners. 

Its convenient design is perfectly suited for installations and future part repairs. As such, the GMV5 is a unit that many technicians advise for hotels to have. It is a cost-effective solution that has very little risk of facing future unscheduled downtime. 

Final Thoughts

Whether working with residential or commercial HVAC systems, familiarizing yourself with the best units is only the start. As a technician, there is no substitute for active experience with the best products. 

Our training programs can provide this experience and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.


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