• The Future of Electrical Technology: Exploring the Newest Trends

    While the role of the technician, in maintaining and fixing electrical equipment, might remain the same, the nature of the electrical technology that they work with is very likely to change over time. What’s more, is that the skills and expertise needed to do the job can change with those electrical trends, as well. [...]

  • wind turbines and solar panels against a blue sky backdrop

    Arizona’s Shift to Renewable Energy: Opportunities for Electricians

    In recent years, Arizona has been making huge strides in its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. The world's attention has turned towards renewable energy sources, and our ‘Grand Canyon State’ really has stepped up to the plate. We’ve recognized the urgency of addressing climate change and reducing our dependence on fossil [...]

  • technician working on an air conditioning unit

    Top HVAC Companies Hiring in Las Vegas

    If you're hunting for a new gig in the HVAC world, you've clicked on the right post. Vegas isn't just about flashy lights and Elvis impersonators (although it’s a lot about those things); it's also a hotspot (pun intended!) for some fantastic job opportunities in the HVAC industry. That being the case, let’s take [...]

  • city skyline of phoenix, arizona

    Top Cities to Begin and Advance Your HVAC Career

    While skill and dedication are paramount when it comes to starting your HVAC career, location can also play a significant factor. Though the responsibilities are largely similar across cities, there are plenty of contributing factors which may make one destination a better fit for you personally when considering where to begin your journey. Here, we'll [...]

  • electrician inspecting power levels

    How to Start an Electrical Business in 8 Steps

    According to Forbes, the average electrician can make just under $60,000 per year. However, starting an electrical business can send those earnings through the roof. In fact, it could potentially break through the ceiling altogether. Quanta Services Inc., for example, has revenue of over $7.7bn. Even if you’re just hoping to have an SME that [...]

  • Solar Panel Installation

    Understanding Solar Power Electricity

    As an electrical technician, you may be asked to install solar panels on a property. Although this is not something that electricians would have needed to know too much about in the past, the fact is that solar power electricity is growing in popularity, and it would be surprising if you didn’t come across it [...]

  • Male in a hard hat smiling with extension cord over his shoulder.

    How to Become an Electrician: Training & Certifications

    There are many benefits to joining the electrical industry, such as job security and comfortable pay. It may be difficult to know exactly where to start, however. That is where NTI comes in. Why Become An Electrician? Before diving into how to become an electrical technician, it’s worth considering why. It offers a wealth of benefits, each [...]